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Steering Committee

The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Steering Committee is a self-directed group of individuals interested in achieving the partnership's vision of "healthy coldwater systems with fishable brook trout populations throughout their historic eastern geographic range." It is the decision-making body for the EBTJV partnership and has oversight responsibility for all EBTJV activities.

The activities of the Steering Committee directly support the Eastern Brook Trout Conservation Strategy Action Plan, which will identify the planning, implementation, and evaluation processes for the EBTJV. Participation on the Steering Committee is voluntary. Membership is composed of up to 25 members from state fish and wildlife agencies, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions that have signed the EBTJV's Memorandum of Understanding.  The Steering Committee meets quarterly via conference call and/or annually in person. 

Title Description
EBTJV MOU Signature Pages This folder contains copies of the EBTJV MOU signature pages from partners.
MOU Versions This folder contains all of the versions of our MOU through time.
EBTJV MOU Signatory Partners Lists This folder contains a list of partners that have signed the EBTJV MOU.
Conference Calls This folder contains all steering committee conference call notes and documents.
National Fish Habitat Partnership This folder contains National Fish Habitat Partnership documents and guidance.
Chesapeake Bay Watershed This folder contains files associated with the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement and Executive Order.
Steering Committee Members This folder contains lists of our steering committee members through time.
EBTJV Management Structure The document describes the EBTJV Steering Committee's Charter/By-Laws.
Contact Lists This folder contains contact lists for the EBTJV, FWS Field Offices, and National Fish Habitat Partnership.

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