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White Mountain National Forest - New Hampshire

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White Mountain National Forest - New Hampshire
The White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) is an active participant in the effort to protect, reconnect and restore the Eastern brook trout and its habitat. The Forest is cooperating with New Hampshire Fish and Game (NHF&G) to document the status of wild brook trout population throughout the White Mountains at the sub-watershed scale (HUC 6 level). While NHF&G is focusing on the qualitative presence of brook trout throughout the State’s sub-watersheds, the WMNF is focusing on quantitative presence. Given the dense forest and higher elevations within this federally managed public land, wild brook trout are the dominant fish species in the coldwater streams. The Forest is building a database to correlate the abundance of wild brook trout to watershed characteristics, stream habitat composition, and the density of large woody debris.

The WMNF is also serving as a demonstration management area for reconnecting and restoring brook trout habitat. The Forest is currently inventorying all of its stream crossings and identifying those that are highest priority for reconstruction to provide aquatic organism passage and reduce downstream habitat degradation. The Forest has inventoried nearly 100 crossings in 2007-2008. To date three crossings have been reconstructed using “stream simulation” techniques to demonstrate how natural stream bottoms can be incorporated into road crossings of mountain streams. In addition the Forest has implemented two large woody debris addition stream habitat projects and is looking to finish an ongoing project by 2010. Intensive monitoring results of woody debris projects and wild trout fish responses will be available in 2010. If you have any questions regarding efforts on the WMNF, contact the Mark Prout at 603-528-8747 or at

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