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Watershed-Based Approach to Channel Stabilization and Sediment Control in Pleasant Run Creek

Excessive sediment from channelized tributaries of the Hatchie River (TN) are degrading downstream aquatic habitat. Pleasant Run Creek is a channelized tributary to the Hatchie River, exhibiting significant soil erosion and channel incision problems. This project seeks to implement channel stabilization measures on private lands that will improve riparian habitat on Pleasant Run Creek and reduce sediment loading to the Hatchie River.

The Importance to the Resource:

Unaltered riverine habitat in West Tennessee is rare. The Hatchie River provides habitat to over 100 species of fish, including 11 species of catfish, and over 35 species of mussels. Because the floodplain forests and historical hydrological processes remain intact, the Hatchie River is one of the most unique ecosystems in Tennessee.

The Problem:

The aquatic habitat in Hatchie River is being significantly impacted by excessive sediment loading. While there are a variety of both point and non-point sources of sediment, channel incision is one of the primary sources of coarse sediment in the watershed. This excessive sediment load is reducing the stability of fish habitat in the Hatchie River.

The Objective:

Ecosystem-based approaches will be used to stabilize streambanks and reduce channel incision on lands along Pleasant Run Creek and tributaries. Because projects are being conducted on private lands, educational efforts will inspire greater application of stream restoration methods throughout the watershed.

The Method:

Both streambank bioengineering materials and rock will be used to stabilize eroding streambanks. Additionally, these methods will be implemented to rapidly establish vegetation types to optimize bank habitat benefits. Willow (Salix sp.) cottonwood (Populus sp.) and other species will be used for bioengineering.


watershed based approach to channel stabilization and sediment control

Pleasant Run Creek, Tributary to the Hatchie River in West Tennessee
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