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4. Add Members to the Group

How to add members to your group.

1. In the upper right click the SITE SETUP link.

2. Click the Users and Groups link.

3. Click the Groups tab.

4. In the groups table click on your group name link.  The Members page loads.

5. Locate the Search for new group members quick search field.  In the field type the EXACT name of the person you want to add to the group, as is registered with the portal.  For example: Rose Hessmiller   If that person exists as a portal member their name will be returned with a check box. Click the check box next to the name and click the add selected groups and users to this group button. The user is added to the group.

6. If you can't find a users exact name, click the show all button and you can page through all portal members.

7. Check that the members are added to the group by going to the groups folder by clicking the Groups tab and the group name. Group members should be listed in the right portlet.

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