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Cady Brook Restoration, Hartland, VT

This project will replace and undersized culvert on Cady Brook with a bridge, opening 14.5 miles total and 2.5 miles of upstream cold water habitat to wild brook trout and other aquatic organisms. Awardee: Ottauquechee NRCD

EBTJV/FWS award:  $41,560

Partner funds: $66,000

Historically undersized stone culverts have caused continuous degradation on Cady Brook and associated trails. For over 30 years attempts to repair the culverts have failed mainly due to lack of funds and/or lack of expertise. The last rebuild of the stream stone culvert was after Tropical Storm Irene, and failed in less than seven years resulting in the present condition.

The existing stone box culvert on Cady Brook provides a channel span of less than 25% of natural bankfull channel width, is a velocity and leap barrier to upstream fish passage under many flow conditions, disrupts sediment transport in the stream resulting in upstream accumulation, and is prone to blockage that leads to extended periods of further diminished or eliminated fish passage, in-channel sedimentation, repeated road failures, and sediment loading to the stream. This grant will be used for the stone box culvert with funding from ERSA grant to replace an up stream tributary culvert that has failed and is contributing sediment into the stream.

The purpose of the project is to install a bridge that significantly overspans the channel (160% of bankfull width) such that the channel itself and associated fish passage and sediment transport processes are restored. The new structure will significantly increase the flood resiliency of the road and crossing. The project will open 14.5 miles total and 2.5 miles of upstream cold water habitat to wild brook trout and other aquatic organism.  Project will also remove accumulated sediment upstream of existing crossing and restore instream habitat.

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