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Robinson IRP LWD Habitat Restoration, White River, VT

Robinson Habitat Restoration

Robinson IRP LWD Habitat Restoration, White River, VT

The goal of this project is to install up to five miles of large woody habitat in tributaries to the White River in Rochester and Hancock, VT, in order to improve habitat diversity, macroinvertebrate diversity and abundance, and brook trout abundance and resilience to climate change.

This project will address habitat diversity, quality, and quantity issues resulting from historic landscape use, sedimentation issues resulting from increased erosion as a cascading effect of historic land use, and thermal and velocity issues related to climate change.
  1. The Robinson IRP Large Wood Habitat Restoration project is part of an ongoing partnership with the US Forest Service to improve brook trout habitat throughout the Robinson Integrated Resource Project Area established by the USFS Green Mountain National Forest. Over 50 miles of in- stream habitat have been targeted with TU having completed over seven miles of the work to date. This project would complete five more miles of stream habitat restoration in 2020. Historic land use practices have resulted in a mixed-age, but still relatively young, forest throughout the project area and most of New England. Felling trees into the stream at a rate of 170-210 pieces of large wood per mile (Nislow, et al., 2003) replicates and restores natural woody habitat that would exist in a mature old-growth forested watershed. Reintroducing large wood habitat provides myriad benefits to brook trout, their resilience to catastrophic events, and the forest-stream ecosystem as a whole.

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