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All EBTJV Documents

Criteria for Ranking Brook Trout Conservation Projects - 2015

The EBTJV uses a series of criteria to rank Brook Trout conservation projects for funding considerations.

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Priority Watershed Maps

Priority score maps for project selection to assist in identifying areas that are best for restoration, best for enhancement, and best for protection for the states in the EBTJV region.

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Socioeconomic Benefits Derived from Brook Trout Conservation Projects

The EBTJV sees value in estimating the socioeconomic benefits derived from brook trout conservation projects and so it has developed a methodology for making these estimations using data contained in the US Fish and Wildlife Service report titled “An Assessment of Economic Contributions from Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Conservation (2010).”

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EBTJV Coordinator Work Plans

This folder contains the EBTJV Coordinator's annual work plans that have been approved by the Steering Committee.

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National Fish Habitat Board Policies

The National Fish Habitat Board sets policies that aid Fish Habitat Partnerships with their efforts to implement the National Fish Habitat Action Plan.

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EBTJV Travel Assistance Request Form

This folder contains the EBTJV Travel Assistance Request Form.

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Linked Documents

This folder contains documents that are linked in various EBTJV reports.

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Brook Trout Film - Phase 1

This document describes the Scope of Work that Freshwaters Illustrated will perform during Phase 1 of producing a film about Brook Trout conservation in the eastern portion of the U.S.

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Brook Trout Film Prospectus

This document provides an overview of the production of a film on Brook Trout conservation in the eastern portion of the U.S. by Freshwaters Illustrated.

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Revised EBTJV Key Conservation Actions & Range-wide Habitat Objectives_12-16 Draft

This document is a draft of revised EBTJV Key Conservation Actions & Range-wide Habitat Objectives that were developed during the joint meeting of the EBTJV's Conservation Strategies and Science & Data committees held at NCTC in early December, 2016.

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