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Wild Trout Flyrodders

Wild Trout Flyrodders

One of the beauties of the Catskills is how much wildlife and how few people reside here. And yet how relatively close it is to both New York City and other major regional population centers…close enough for a good number of weekend fly fishers. These facts make the Catskills a poor place for a traditional fly fishing club, but a great place for a club like ours…a club that meets on weekends during the fly fishing season so members can fish the best spots afterwards! That’s our concept, and it seems to work well for us. We have members who live near the near our rivers, guides who work on our rivers, weekend or second home owners who work outside the Catskills, etc. So our members come from an area that includes but also stretches beyond the Catskills, from New York City, from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Upstate New York. And while our FFF member e-mail list exceeds 200, our active member list is small but growing. We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings.

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