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Decision Support Tools for Brook Trout Conservation

The EBTJV website now houses links to five new decision support tools that can assist natural resource managers with Brook Trout conservation efforts.

Among these new tools is an interactive GIS map featuring data layers (Brook Trout status and habitat patches) and tools (riparian prioritization, drainage area calculator) developed and endorsed by the EBTJV (; an open-source mapping platform that is designed to support the conservation community and their diverse needs to view, create, and analyze spatial data and maps (; a Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool that was created to provide resource managers and the general public with access to the extensive spatial data and results produced from multiple fish habitat assessments (; an innovative riparian planting and restoration decision support tool that allows managers and decision-makers to rapidly identify and prioritize areas along the banks of rivers, streams, and lakes for restoration, making these ecosystems more resilient to disturbance and future changes in climate (; and, a dynamic visualization for exploring catchment characteristics and environmental model predictions that assists resource managers and researchers identify spatial patterns related to ecological conditions, identify priority locations for restoration or further study, and explore complex, multivariate environmental data-sets and model results (

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