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Upper White River Habitat Restoration, VT

Upper White River Habitat Restoration, VT

This project will address flood and flood recovery related habitat modifications on four tributaries to the Upper White River in Rochester, Vermont by utilizing active in-stream management and design; establishing riparian buffers; and removing barriers to fish passage in order to restore brook trout habitat and the natural hydrologic regime. When complete, the project will result in the protection and enhancement of 2.75 miles of in-stream habitat and over 30 acres of floodplain and riparian habitat on the West Branch as well as 8.1 miles of in-stream habitat in Howe, Marsh, and Nason Brooks.

Photo of West Branch Post Gravel Extraction, White River, Vermont

EBTJV/NFHAP Funding Requested: $50,000
Total Project Cost: $756,800
Total Federal Matching: $685,000
Total Non-Federal Matching: $21,800

Project Location: Town of Rochester, Windsor County of Vermont Congressional District of Project: VT00 Congressional District of Applicant: VT00

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