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Only members associated with specific workgroups will be able to access that group. These are private working areas that allow members to upload content, work on documents, and provide comments.

Steering Committee

The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture Steering Committee is a self-directed group of individuals interested in achieving the partnership's vision of "healthy coldwater systems with fishable brook trout populations throughout their historic eastern geographic range." It is the decision-making body for the EBTJV partnership and has oversight responsibility for all EBTJV activities. The activities of the Steering Committee directly support the Eastern Brook Trout Conservation Strategy Action Plan, which will identify the planning, implementation, and evaluation processes for the EBTJV. Participation on the Steering Committee is voluntary. Membership is composed of up to 25 members from state fish and wildlife agencies, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions that have signed the EBTJV's Memorandum of Understanding.

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Science and Data Committee

The charges for the Science and Data Committee are to: 1. Establish monitoring programs that measure the effectiveness of EBTJV conservation actions taken to improve the status of brook trout; 2. Develop a research plan that identifies key brook trout research needs and establishes priorities for research funding; 3. Engage brook trout management agencies to develop minimum data standards to facilitate data sharing and reporting; 4. Assess current data gaps; 5. Create a centralized, web-based, data access system to query brook trout data owned and maintained by the management agency; 6. Develop a web-based map server application to view brook trout distribution, abundance and habitat information; and 7. Establish a web-based system for the efficient dissemination of EBTJV related data, maps, reports, and outreach material.

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Outreach and Education Committee

The charge for the Outreach and Education Committee is to develop a comprehensive work plan that includes outreach and education targets, timelines, and metrics for both short-term (2012) and long-term time scales (2025); a focused educational component designed to provide the public and policymakers with relevant information regarding the status of brook trout, current EBTJV projects, and opportunities to become involved; and, a process for measuring the effectiveness of EBTJV outreach and education programs.

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Business Planning

The focus of the EBTJV's ad hoc business planning initiative is to develop the financial resources and operational infrastructure that facilitates achievement of the partnership’s conservation strategy for coldwater habitat throughout the historic eastern range of Brook Trout.

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Whitewater to Bluewater

The Whitewater to Bluewater project is a collaboration between the Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership, the Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, and the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture that aims to conserve fish habitat in the eastern United States from the smallest headwater streams to offshore habitat in the Atlantic Ocean.

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